What we offer NBS Programs

The INBSI project offers methods and resources resulting from stakeholder-informed activities and a novel and sustainable mechanism for effective newborn screening interoperability.

Support through our INBSI Resource Center, Learning Collaborative, and Training and Education team will be provided for all community NBS programs interested in participating.

NBS programs interested in receiving in-depth technical assistance can take the next step towards interoperability by working directly with us on a comprehensive readiness assessment and interoperability roadmap for DBS, CCHD, and EHDI to pave the way for the expanded electronic exchange of newborn screening data with health care providers. We aim to recruit 20 states with all levels of interoperability goals, progress, and understanding.

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Collaboration & Learning for all

The Resource Center provides an online-interactive Learning Collaborative for you to come and find answers to real-world interoperability questions and problems vexing newborn screening (NBS) programs across the country. We offer free access to peer-to-peer and expert-to-peer communications and sharing in both informal and structured venues, providing online chats, discussion boards, instructor lead courses, and webinars. We’ll meet you where you’re at on your interoperability journey. We welcome beginners and those experienced with interoperability.
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Interoperability Technical Assistance Program

NBS programs have the opportunity to participate in the Interoperability Technical Assistance Program. You’ll receive in-depth, tailored technical assistance. We’ll work alongside your team to develop a comprehensive Interoperability Readiness Assessment and Roadmap. At the completion of the program you’ll have plan to reach your interoperability goals.
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